innovative 'made-to-fit' management systems for small businesses

Designed with the user in mind

Our programmes are very easy of use. We use colour, icons, images and "traffic light" symbols extensively to indicate the status of various data fields. This makes data identification and error conditions very visual.

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ioClock (with Flexi-time option)

ioClock is a PC-based, network-ready, multi-user staff clocking system. It allows admin staff and management access on their own workstations. It also permits clocking to take place at multiple locations. (Includes flexi-time).

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Made-to-measure solutions

We also offer bespoke systems. Are you interested in a customized version of one of our existing products? Do you need us to create a new 'made-to-fit' product? Contact us and we will visit your operation in order to produce a custom, detailed quotation.

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