ioClock Staff Time & Attendance System

Are you tired of checking employee attendance registers manually to calculate absenteeism and time worked?

Do you want an easy-to-use system that does not require any additional hardware or equipment cost?

If you have a PC, then our ioClock Staff Time & Attendance System is the solution!

What ioClock can do for your business

ioClock is a PC-based software system that automatically consolidates daily data:

It utilises clocking data to calculate actual and overtime hours worked. It also highlights hours short as well as absenteeism and authorised leave.

This provides management with comprehensive reports for  payroll processing, bonus calculation and, where required, data for disciplinary action. 

ioClock allows staff to clock in and out using a standard PC. All they need to do is enter their staff number and a pin number. Simple.

Want to know more about the system? Then find all the answers in our Help File

ioClock is easy to use

Watch our videos to see how easy it is to use ioClock.

It will save you and your staff time, reduce errors, and give you instant, up-to-date status and cost results.


ioClock Introduction

ioClock Setup

Staff Leave

Help System

Authorising Overtime

Access Control

ioClock Help File

To get a feel of the software, please view our Help File.

View Help File

Try ioClock free

And the good news… you can try before you buy!

We give you a 4 month trial – FREE – to work with the ioClock software.

All you have to do is download it here.

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Is ioClock not entirely suitable for your needs?

Give us feedback about how we can improve ioClock to meet your specific needs.
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For larger corporations

If your organisation requires a more advanced technical solution, we can recommend Eco Time highly. This company specialises in time-management options for larger corporations.Eco Time clocking software logo