ioCash Innovative Cash Management


When money is involved, temptation is always lurking just around the corner…

And when cash is involved, temptation somehow invariably finds its way into the room!

ioCash software system offers an easy way of giving management real-time, online oversight.

It is able to manage any amount of cashflow – whether your organisation or small business handles small amounts or low volumes of cash, or if it handles large amounts and high volumes of cash.
ioCash also offers the ability to scan back over multiple periods and drill down into the detail of each and every cash transaction.

ioCash offers three major benefits:

Complete oversight and control over cash

It assists the business in avoiding cash-handling fees charged by banks. It does this by providing the added security to retain large amounts of cash to pay creditors, buy stock, etc.

Minimum input required to update accounting records.

As with all our software solutions, ioCash is a network-ready, multi-user, PC-based system with no limitation on the number of users.

ioCash integrates seamlessly with other software, such as Sage Pastel.

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Help File

To get a feel of the software, please view our Help File.

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