Our Products

Most of our products are Client-Specific systems, developed to the requirements of the client. As such, they are not readily applicable to other prospective clients.

We can, however, adapt or modify parts of these systems to adapt to client needs.

Our recommendation: we have found that the best option is usually:

to develop a new system, or

to adapt existing modules and combine these with new modules to produce an end product which exactly fits the client’s needs.

Our Plug-and-Play Commercial Products

ioAsset – Innovative Asset Management

ioCash – Innovative Cash Management

ioClock – Staff Time & Attendance Management

When developing any system, we apply the principle of ‘first entry equals final entry’ as far as possible. This means that data is only entered once. After this, it can be added to, and is available for manipulation and export to ‘partner’ products.

We offer a FREE 4-month full access trial period on all our commercial products.

Our prices include free upgrades for the duration of the license period.

We welcome customer feedback and suggestions and will incorporate universally beneficial innovations in any future upgrades.

Find out more about our company credentials, our experience in software design, as well as our satisfied clients in About us.