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ProductDescriptionInstall fileHelp file
ioClockStaff Time & AttendanceioClockInst.zipioClockhelpfile
ioAssetAsset listing and asset depreciationioAssetInst.zipioAssethelpfile
ioCashCash received, recorded and utilisedioCashInst.zipioCashhelpfile

Please note

These programmes are only suitable for Microsoft Windows operating system. They will work with all versions of MS Windows.

To ensure your peace of mind, ALL our products have been “code signed” and certified.
However, as we have only recently started to offer our products online, we have not yet established a “proven reputation” as determined by Microsoft’s SmartScreen verification application.

This means you may receive warning messages from both your anti-virus software as well as Microsoft that the application is “unknown”.

We have no control over this, unfortunately, as it takes time to build and establish a proven reputation.

To learn more about how SmartScreen functions, you can read our short summary or go to directly to Microsoft’s page on this topic by clicking here.