ioCash - Innovative Cash Management

ioCash is designed to assist any business that handles significant amounts of cash transactions to control cash received and track how it is applied.

Cash transactions are reported according to the following categories;

    • Receipts - Cash received from all external sources (sales, owners loan accounts, cash payments from Debtors, etc.)
    • Reimbursements - Cash drawn from the company bank account
    • Deposits - Cash deposited to the company bank account
    • Payments - These can comprise any of the following types;
      • Cash payments made to Creditors (suppliers, utility accounts, etc.) in order to avoid cash handling fees
      • Cash purchases of goods or small (petty cash type) items
      • Cash payments for services or products (stock) not provided by regular (listed) suppliers
      • Any other cash disbursement like fuel, staff advances, donations, etc.
    • Cash Ups - Cash receipts from Sales Registers cashed up daily

The major benefit of using the system is that every single Rand received or expended is tracked in a database that permits both extensive scrutiny and control, while at the same time all transactions can be exported to files which can be imported directly into Pastel Accounting without any additional input required.

Thus the system offers two major benefits;

    • Complete oversight and control over cash
    • Minimum input required to update accounting records.