Clocking System - ioClock

The system is an easy to use, low cost, PC based staff time & attendance management system.

ioClock was designed to replace individual attendance registers (books) written up by the individual employees.

Unlike a paper based system, which needs each individual employee's register to be manually checked to calculate absenteeism and time worked, ioClock automatically consolidates daily data and provides a comprehensive report detailing all the required data complete with calculated totals.

ioClock has the following features;

  • Network ready, multi-user application allowing for multiple PCs to run the system, allowing admin staff and management access on their own workstations as well as permitting clocking to take place at multiple locations.
  • Three EXE files;
    • a clocking station application (ioClockWS.exe) used by staff to clock in and out (access restricted to only these functions)
    • a management system (ioClock.exe) with password access and restricted access to functions based on user access levels
    • a ZIP file application (ioBackup.exe) used to backup data files (can be used for any files not just ioClock files).
  • Provides a management overview on a daily basis of which staff have clocked in, who clocked in late or clocked out early and who have not clocked in at all.
  • The management screen is constantly updating, providing an up to date view of staff attendance.
  • Staff “non-clock ins" can be explained by recording various types of leave taken.
  • Authorised overtime hours per employee can be loaded to permit payment of excess hours worked.
  • The management overview allows a quick overview of a complete clocking history for a selected employee. This is very useful when trying to see if a “late comer” is a habitual offender.
  • If using the MIBCO assist information (even if not used to reconcile the MIBCO return) the system will indicate per employee if an employee qualifies for a compulsory annual bonus and, if so, in which month the bonus is due.
  • Provides a printed return per employee (for a selected period) detailing the employee's clocking history which may be used as follows;
    • in a disciplinary hearing as proof of consistent late coming or absenteeism.
    • in determining the number of shifts NOT worked per week in the 52 week bonus cycle in order to REDUCE the bonus by one fifty-second (1,923%) for each incomplete week.
  • Automatically calculates actual time worked, time short and overtime hours worked and produces reports summarising the hours worked, hours short, leave days, etc. per employee which can then be used to manually load this information into whatever payroll system is used.
  • Three default levels which can be selected (at the discretion of the user), these are;
    • Basic level – focus is solely on times worked (with the facility to load leave information per employee each day)
    • Leave accrual - calculates leave accrued by category, per employee and records leave booked and taken providing up to date leave balances as well as posting leave details on daily clocking record.
    • MIBCO Assist – this permits the user to load all salary information which would appear on the monthly MIBCO return. A report can then be produced of the user's data for the same report cycle as the MIBCO return, providing the user with all the relevant information to complete and update the MIBCO reconciliation. (An added benefit of entering this data is that the actual hourly “cost to company” for each employee is calculated and displayed.)